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How Does The Alaska Child Support Agency Go About Enforcing Support Orders?

The Alaska Child Support Agency collects support as ordered by the court in divorce and other child custody cases. The agency also collects child support under administrative orders issued by the Child Support Enforcement Division. To collect support payments, the agency issues orders to withhold and deliver income or other property. Any of a noncustodial parent`s property, including wages, commissions, retirement checks, bank accounts, Alaska Permanent Fund dividends, stock dividends, and income producing property such as rentals can be subject to withholding, though typically the orders are lodged against wages. Under a wage­withholding order, an employer is ordered to automatically withhold a noncustodial parent`s wages, sending the funds to the child support enforcement division, who will forward it to the custodial parent. Other collection methods can include voluntary payments by the noncustodial parent, seizure of IRS tax refunds, liens against a parent`s property, and revocation of state occupational and drivers licenses. If these measures fail, then the child support enforcement division can seek assistance from the state attorney general`s office to take the matter to court.

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