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What Do I Do If I Have A Lemon?

Under the Lemon Law, it is your responsibility to notify the manufacturer, preferably in writing, of the need to correct or repair the problem within 18 months of purchasing the car. The following situations serve as notification to the manufacturer: A written complaint has been mailed to the manufacturer by the consumer; the manufacturer has responded to the consumer in writing regarding a complaint; or a factory representative has either inspected the vehicle or met with the consumer or an authorized dealer regarding the problem.

If the problem still exists after repair attempts listed above, you may seek redress under the Lemon Law. You may go directly to court or you may seek to use the manufacturer`s third­party dispute resolution procedure if the manufacturer has one. A decision resulting from the manufacturer`s dispute resolution procedure is binding on the manufacturer but not on the consumer. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you have 12 months to file an action in court.

A consumer who is successful in court is entitled to recover reasonable attorney`s fees, expert witness fees, and court costs incurred by bringing such actions. The subtraction of a reasonable allowance for the consumer`s use of the vehicle up to the date of the first notice to the manufacturer of the problem would apply when receiving either a replacement vehicle or refund.

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