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How Do I Avoid Getting A Lemon?

Only a small number of cars are really lemons. However, to avoid lemon­type problems, there are some steps you can take to ensure greater satisfaction with your new car purchase.
  1. Make sure the car you buy is exactly:
    • The car you ordered. Check to make sure all options, equipment and accessories you want are included and every service listed has been completed.
    • What the receipted bill of sale says you bought. Compare your bill of sale against both the car and the window sticker.
  2. Wait for dealer prep. New cars require checking and varying degrees of service before they are delivered to the purchaser. Make sure the dealer prep is completed by the dealer and that the service is listed and marked paid on the bill of sale.
  3. Make sure there is a manufacturer`s warranty with your new vehicle. Also, if you purchase a dealer service contract, keep in mind that your service contract may not be honored at all other dealerships.
  4. Do not complete the purchase of the vehicle until credit and financing have been approved by a lender.
  5. Inspect and road test the car. Drive it on roads you normally drive, with the loads you normally carry. If possible, drive it through a car wash to test for leaks.

Have all problems taken care of before you take possession.

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