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How Can I Protect Myself?

If you buy a new vehicle, please take the following precautions just in case it turns out to be a lemon. It will cost you nothing if you do. It could cost you thousands if you don`t.

Your best protection is good record keeping and an accurate maintenance history.

Keep all warranty and repair orders. Each order should contain a fully itemized list of repairs, show what the repairs cost, and include the length the car was in the shop. (Check every work order you receive to make sure it includes all the information, even if the work was done under warranty.

Write down your vehicle`s problems and defects. Give a copy of the list to the service person at the dealership. Any recurring problems should be described the same way each time you take the car back.

File repair records in the order they were received. Your files also should contain copies of all documents, repair orders, receipts, and other written information you have used to explain the problem to the service person.

Read and understand your owner`s manual. Follow the maintenance requirements. If the manufacturer can show that you have not maintained your car properly, you might not be eligible for a refund or replacement.

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