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What Is Considered A Reasonable Number Of Repair Attempts?

The Lemon Law gives the manufacturer, its agent or authorized dealer a reasonable number of attempts to repair the substantial defect. This standard is met if, within the term of protection (1 year or 15,000 miles):

a repair is attempted 3 or more times for the same substantial defect, and the problem continues or recurs within the term of protection;


repair attempts for any substantial defect or combination of defects total 15 or more business days, not necessarily all at one time.

NOTE: A business day is any day that the service department of an authorized dealer is open for business.

Be sure to keep complete and accurate records of all contacts with the manufacturer and dealer, and all receipts. You have a right to a dated, itemized bill for any repair work, including warranty repair work, under the Attorney General`s Motor Vehicle Regulations (940 CMR 5.00). Examine the bills to be sure the problem you complained about is listed.

The defect must continue or recur after a reasonable number of repair attempts and still substantially impair your vehicle before you can take the next step in the Lemon Law process.

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