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I Think I Have A Lemon. What Do I Do?

Send a Certified Last Chance Letter to the manufacturer giving them one final opportunity to repair the vehicle.

Generally, this letter is required to put the manufacturer on notice of your intent to present a lemon claim and give them a last chance to make the repairs. You must send this letter by certified mail to preserve a paper trail and to prove that the dealership in fact actually received the letter. A certified letter is no different than a regular just gets mailed differently. If you need help, take your letter to any MailBox Etc or your local post office. Make sure you keep your receipt and a copy of your letter.

When the manufacturer takes delivery of your letter, the post office sends you a green postcard. When the card arrives, staple it, plus the original receipt, to your copy of the letter and file it with the other vehicle information.


Typically, at this point they put their most experienced techs on the case, since they don`t want a buy­back charged against them.

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