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Overview of the Arkansas Court System

There are many different courts in the state of Arkansas, and it may be confusing for residents to figure out which court system is relevant to a particular legal issue. The court system in Arkansas has four distinct "levels" that handle varying degrees of severity when it comes to legal cases in the state.

The state and local district courts handle small claims, minor civil and criminal offenses, and preliminary hearings for more serious cases. There are 84 total courts and 110 judges overseeing these courts. The second level of courts includes the circuit courts, which oversee the probate, juvenile and family courts as well as the general civil and criminal trial courts.

There are 28 separate circuit courts in Arkansas and 121 judges. Decisions made in the circuit courts may be sent to the Court of Appeals, whose main responsibility is to preside over these cases. Finally, the Arkansas Supreme Court consists of seven justices who preside over appeals from decisions made by the Court of Appeals as well as oversee general administrative duties for the Arkansas court system.

Arkansas Attorneys and Lawyers

When faced with a legal issue, contacting an experienced attorney is always the best bet. At LawInfo you can search for a skilled, Lead Counsel Rated Arkansas attorney by location and by practice area. We have Arkansas attorneys who dedicate their practice to specific areas of the law, so you will not only find an attorney, but an attorney who is knowledgeable to help you with your particular legal issue.

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Arkansas Legal Forms

LawInfo offers free Arkansas legal forms and documents to help resolve many of your issues on your own. Whether you need a power of attorney or you want to complete your will, we have you covered. You can click on our most popular forms located in the right column of this page. A user account is required to use the service, but it’s completely free.

Property rentals offer a way to help pay off a mortgage on a property and may be a good way to supplement your income. However, there are also legal risks involved with a landlord-tenant relationship. For people planning to rent Arkansas properties, LawInfo offers a free Residential Lease Agreement. This will provide a binding legal agreement and protect you from many of the risks of renting property.

LawInfo also provides legally binding Last Will and Testament documents. A last will is necessary to pass on your belongings and personal property to the people of your choosing. If you die without a last will in Arkansas, you are known as "intestate," and your belongings are handled by the probate courts rather than according to your wishes.

In addition, LawInfo offers Power of Attorney documents, which can specify who will take over responsibility for your health care, finances and legal matters if you become medically incapacitated. Filing a Power of Attorney record is smart to do at any age as you never know when an accident might occur. LawInfo's Power of Attorney forms can provide you with peace of mind.

Starting an Arkansas Business

Starting your own Arkansas business is exciting, but there are several legal and administrative matters to which you need to attend before you can begin. The official state website has several resources under the Business Center heading to help you get started with the process.

Step one in starting an Arkansas business is to decide on its name. Look up existing names with the Arkansas Secretary of State and choose a name that isn't held by an existing Arkansas business in order to avoid legal consequences. Step two is to choose the proper business structure. There are many different types of business, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and limited liability entities. Each business has its own regulations with regard to taxation, reporting and other requirements. Consult with a lawyer to choose the best one for you. The final step is to register your business along with the appropriate license and tax documents. You can do this through the Arkansas Business website.

Arkansas Business Statistics

Arkansas has a robust small business economy with nearly 240,000 small businesses employing over 480,000 workers. Small businesses represent 96.8 percent of all state employers and employ half of the state's workforce. Arkansas is home to Wal-Mart ( WMT), the number-one company by size on the Fortune 500 listing as well as 1,651 other large businesses. Some other notable Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Arkansas include Tyson Foods (TSN) and Murphy Oil ( MUR).