Can Suv Rollovers Be Prevented?

Manufacturers are required to place an SUV warning disclaimer inside each vehicle that alerts the driver to possible operational hazards, and gives suggestions on proper driving maneuvers and appropriate cargo weight for prevention of accidents and vehicle rollovers.  Such suggestions include: avoidance of sharp or abrupt turns and corrective actions, limiting the number of passengers and heavy equipment carried in the vehicle (contrary to popular belief, added weight does not add stability to an SUV, but rather shifts the center of gravity to being top heavy and increases the risk for rollovers), and to be extra cautious of curbs, soft shoulders in the road, guard rails, or ditches that might "trip" the tires and cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.  Studies show that more than 90% of SUV rollovers occur when such a tripping mechanism comes into contact with the vehicle.

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