What Constitutes Abandonment Of A Rental Property?

A landlord can assume abandonment if:
  • The landlord does not know where the tenant is, the tenant is gone, the tenant has left behind furniture and other belongings, and the rent is unpaid for 15 days; or
  • The landlord does not know where the tenant is; and rent is unpaid; and tenant`s property is gone.

The landlord must hold any property left behind for 30 days and make reasonable efforts to find the tenant. If, after 30 days the property still remains unclaimed, the landlord may sell the items and use the money to pay back overdue rent.

The information on this page is meant to provide a general overview of the law. The laws in your state and/or city may deviate significantly from those described here. If you have specific questions related to your situation you should speak with a local attorney.

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