My Lease Agreement Says That The Tenant Is Responsible For All Repairs. Does The Landlord Not Have A Responsibility For Repairs?

The landlord has a responsibility to keep the rental property in repair. The lease should not require the tenant to make repairs or waive the landlord`s responsibility for maintaining the property. Any lease provision which makes the tenant responsible for repairs is challengeable under Georgia law. The landlord is responsible for keeping the building structure, roof, heating and plumbing operational. A landlord is further responsible for meeting all local ordinances and minimum safety standards. This duty to repair does not include damages caused by the tenant, the tenant`s household members, guests, or visitors. Before a landlord can be required to make a repair he must be given notice of the defect. The tenant should give the landlord written dated notice of the problem needing repair. The tenant should keep a copy as a record of notification.

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