What Are Some Of The Details Of Individual Insurance In New Hampshire?

NHIF coverage includes hospital and physician care, prescription drugs, home health care, organ transplants and other services. A maternity benefit is offered for an additional premium. For most services, the plan will pay for 80% of covered charges after you have satisfied your annual deductible. Under NHIF, you have a choice of two plans, a major medical plan option and a PPO option. Each plan offers a choice of deductibles ranging from $250 to $2,000. After you have paid a maximum amount for covered services (also called the out­of­pocket limit), NHIF will pay 100% of covered charges. NHIF's out­of­pocket limit is $4,000. There is a lifetime limit of $1 million for all benefits under NHIF. Premiums will vary depending on the deductible you choose, your age, gender, where you live, and whether you smoke. Contact the NHIF Customer Service Center or the New Hampshire Department of Insurance for more information or to apply for NHIF coverage.

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