Can A Prenuptial Agreement Be Modified After Marriage?

Yes.  Any terms of a prenuptial agreement can legally be altered or modified in the future, if both parties so decide.  Other terms of the prenuptial agreement not altered will remain intact, unless both parties revoke the entire agreement in writing.  And some states will alter prenuptial agreements without party involvement.  For example, prenuptial agreements can become void one and a half years after the parties to the contract become parents, unless the agreement is later renewed in writing by said parties.

As prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common, so are similar documents called post nuptials agreements.  Post nuptials agreements are much like prenuptials, but are drafted and signed after a couple has been married.  Post nuptials can be drawn up at any time during the course of a marriage, and can be altered in the same way as a prenuptial agreement.

The information on this page is meant to provide a general overview of the law. The laws in your state and/or city may deviate significantly from those described here. If you have specific questions related to your situation you should speak with a local attorney.

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