Why file an Ortho Evra lawsuit?

Millions of women have been persuaded by Ortho McNeil Pharmaceutical Inc. to trust the Ortho Evra transdermal birth control patch for protection against pregnancy, only to be confronted with emerging stories linking the drug to dangerous blood clots. In fact, by November of 2005, there were 23 deaths associated with Ortho Evra, of which 17 were directly related to blood clots.

Tragically, it wasn't until the FDA ordered Ortho McNeil to release a statement warning about the higher potential risks associated with using the patch over oral contraceptives on November 11 - and subsequently ordered Ortho McNeil to change the label on the package to reflect this danger - that women were properly warned of the serious consequences. And for many women, it was too late.

When consumer safety is jeopardized, pharmaceutical drug makers need to be held accountable. For more information about your specific Ortho Evra lawsuit, contact an experienced Ortho Evra lawyer today to explore the legal options available.

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