What should patients do if they are uncertain about their own Guidant defibrillator? Are there warning signs of defectiveness?

All patients who are currently implanted with a Guidant defibrillator are urged to seek immediate medical advice from their physicians to determine if they have an affected PRIZM 2, CONTAK RENEWAL, or CONTAK RENEWAL 2 device. The FDA is not making a recommendation on whether individual patients who have Guidant defibrillators should have them removed and replaced, as this decision should be made based upon the specific medical situation of the patient. Removal and replacement of defibrillators do pose some risk, so it is important that patients and physicians carefully discuss this matter before making a decision.

Signs of defectiveness are electrical shocks from the defibrillator, and an audible "beeping" from the CONTAK RENEWAL or RENEWAL 2 device. If either of these events occurs, immediately contact a doctor and go to the nearest emergency room, as these are indications that the defibrillator is damaged.

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