Can I vote by mail in the state of Tennessee?

Qualified voters can vote by mail in the state of Tennessee by submitting a mail-in absentee ballot. You can vote by mail if you will be out of your county during the early voting period and on Election Day, if you or your spouse are enrolled as a full-time student outside of your county, if you have a physician’s statement that you are medically unable to vote in person, if you reside in a nursing home or other licensed care facility, or if you are serving as a juror in state or federal court. You are also eligible to vote by mail if you are over the age of sixty-five (65), if you are physically disabled, and your polling place is inaccessible to you, if your hospitalization, illness, and/or physical disability makes you unable to vote in person, if you are a caretaker for a person who is hospitalized, ill, or disabled, or if you are a candidate for office or an official for the election. Additionally, you can vote by mail if you are unable to vote in person due to the observance of religious custom or holiday, if you have a commercial driver’s license and will be out of county at the time of the election, or if you are a member of the military or a citizen residing overseas.

The information on this page is meant to provide a general overview of the law. The laws in your state and/or city may deviate significantly from those described here. If you have specific questions related to your situation you should speak with a local attorney.

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